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Poetry for Hope


Dear readers,

In a couple of weeks most of us will be experiencing the change of years surrounded by family and friends (in an après-ski hut, on an exotic beach or some fancy city rooftop). Several festivities - Christmas among them – that celebrate life and love in different cultures are rolling toward us. Even if you are unaffected by convention, you will probably have the chance to be where you want to be at this time of the year.

Crises, wars and epidemics do not know the concept of timing. Thus, while most of us will be celebrating, a great number of exceptionally brave people working for Doctors without Borders will be far away from their homes and families, risking their lives to save those of many others for the benefit of everyone around the globe. Currently they are fighting to eliminate deadly Ebola in West Africa and for hundreds of other causes, including providing health care in war zones, emergency kits after natural disasters and helping neglected communities.

With this private, independent project and with your generous support, I would like to send a message from our parts of the world to those selfless people as well as the whole team of Doctors without Borders to show them that we deeply care for their work. Therefore, I have created a booklet with a number of my poems – published and unpublished – that you can download for free on this site. My friend and Albanian artist, Klesta Galanxhi, donated the beautiful cover of the booklet, which she created for the purpose of this project. Please donate any amount that you see fit for our project to Doctors without Borders, even if it equals the expense of your daily coffee!

You can download the booklet as a PDF file here .

Thank you very much! A beautiful Christmas and a happy New Year to all of you!

Ines and Klesta

‘Poetry for Hope’ ist ein von mir ins Leben gerufenes Projekt, um ein Zeichen für das mutige Team von Ärzte ohne Grenzen zu setzen. Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine Sammlung von meinen Gedichten, die Sie als PDF Datei herunterladen können. Das Cover des Büchleins wurde von der albanischen Künstlerin, Klesta Galanxhi, gestaltet. Bitte spenden Sie dafür an Ärzte ohne Grenzen: eine Organisation, die sich in von humanitären Katastrophen geplagten Gebieten einsetzt, z.B. gegen das hochansteckende und tödliche Ebola-Virus in Westafrika!

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Vielen Dank! Frohe Weihnachten und ein schönes Neues Jahr!

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