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I like bears. Apart from having that je ne sais quoi, they overeat in the summer – and people still find them cute – to spend the colder months in deep sleep. If reincarnation were an option, I would consider coming back as a brown bear in Alaska. The ones that greet salmons with open mouths, not the litter consumers in tourist camps.

Bears know nothing about end-of-the-year frenzy and beginning-of-the-year resolutions. By now they have started hibernating, snug in their thick coats in some dark cave, while people are preparing to celebrate the New Year in overcrowded places with overrated drinks. In fact, also during the year most people don’t know what would have become of them, if alcohol hadn’t been invented.

Humans… Good thing that bears don’t philosophize about the past in order to learn how to resist learning from it. We’re probably alone in the universe with this problem. On which other planet do billion-dollar companies wish a beautiful Christmas to the ones, while simultaneously exploiting others? (Glad, we don’t know.) People kill for power and money and like to feed on the misery of others. Yes, even in our most inhumane moments, we only show that we are human.

And yet, there is that feeling called hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope that the next year might bring happiness to the loved ones and – for the optimists among us – to the world. Well, 2014 is going to be a year like any other, plus hope. Filled with surprises, beauty, drama and the few lucky strikes in between. We will be naughty and nice, lovely and abusive, egotistic and needy, social and virtual.

On second thought, a bear couldn’t have written all this. It makes me happy to share my thoughts regularly with you and sometimes an overcrowded place or an overrated drink can be just the right sources of inspiration.

Thank you, 2013.

Happy 2014, everyone!

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